WATCH: Kiffin mimics Henry stiff arm on big touchdown run

Kiffin has wisely adjusted his gameplan to fit the best player on his offense. Marvin Gentry USA TODAY Sports

Last season, Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin was credited with helping turn Blake Sims into a successful SEC quarterback and game planning the offense around Amari Cooper, who went on to have arguably the greatest single season by a receiver in the long history of Alabama football.

On more than one occasion in 2014, Kiffin was caught signaling a touchdown play before Sims even delivered passes to Cooper. Having intimate knowledge of the play call, the offensive coordinator knew if the play he called was executed properly, it would result in a score.

Now with both players no longer in Tuscaloosa, the offense now runs through running back Derrick Henry. Under Kiffin's tutelage, the bruising back is well on his way to a historic season and very well could win the Heisman Trophy in his first season as the team's feature back.

However Kiffin isn't signaling for touchdowns anymore, no, he's now moved on to mimicking the force Henry shows as he terrorizes defenses:

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