UEFA wants to keep cute children from going on the field after games

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Cherish the memories you have of Gareth Bale lifting his daughter Alba over his head, walking around the pitch beaming with pride and joy after another fairy-tale Welsh win. Euro 2016 could be the last time we see a beautiful scene like this, with UEFA in talks to prohibit all non-accredited people from going on-field after matches.

Security risks are the main reason for UEFA's request, says tournament director Martin Kallen.

"A stadium is not the safest place for small kids. Only people with accreditation can access the pitch, nobody else."

While the proposed ban seems a harsh one, Kallen did not completely rule out families being allowed to take part in the on-pitch celebrations.

"It is nice pictures. We are not 100% against it, but we have to be cautious and ensure security. It is a European Championship, not a family party."

With the outbreaks of fan violence around France during the tournament as well as the constant threat of fan pitch invasions, UEFA's concerns are understandable. For the sake of the kids and softhearted fans around the world though, here's hoping they let the family party continue.