Santana Moss ranks Robert Griffin below Rex Grossman and Jason Campbell

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When Robert Griffin burst onto the NFL scene in 2012, many thought he was going to be the Washington Redskins franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future. But injuries and poor play ended RG3's tenure in Washington after only four years.

To say his time with the Redskins was a disappointment would be an understatement. But possibly the best example of how far RG3's reputation has fallen in Washington was provided by longtime Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss.

Moss, who played with the Redskins from 2005 until his final NFL season in 2014, told CSN Mid Atlantic that Mark Brunell was the best quarterback he played with during his time in Washington. But it was where he ranked Griffin that was most shocking.

Here's how Moss ranked his top 5 quarterbacks in Washington:

1. Brunell

2. Donovan McNabb

3. Rex Grossman

4. Jason Campbell

5. Griffin

Ouch. Griffin has moved on, joining the Cleveland Browns in the offseason after being released by Washington.