Russell Westbrook's pre-game ritual? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich ... with butter

Calling Oklahoma City Thunder star point guard Russell Westbrook eccentric would be an understatement. From his off-court fashion choices to his on-court ferocity, Westbrook is far from conventional.

Which is why it's hilarious to hear what Westbrook's pre-game ritual is. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live show last week, Westbrook spilled his secret:

Yep. That's right. Westbrook's Tasmanian devil-like energy stems from a one-hour power nap and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before games. But don't forget the butter. You can't forget the butter on both sides.

Next time you're feeling down before a pickup game, remember this invaluable information from the league's leading scorer.

(h/t Sports Illustrated)