Russ Smith had a hell of a game on Wednesday night, albeit with a couple caveats. First, it was a NBADL game. Second, his team lost.

Still, it's a pretty impressive feat to score 65 points in any game.

The former Louisville Cardinals star is playing now for the Delaware 87ers, the D-League affiliate of the Philadelphia 76ers. The 87ers lost 140-129 to the Canton Charge in Smith's big game, which saw him hit 24 of 42 shots from the field and 16 of 20 free throws. Smith scored a whopping 32 points on layups. Former Delaware player Jordan McRae held the previous record of 61 and gave Smith a shoutout after the game.

The secret to Smith's success? Doing his homework, according to his interview with ESPN.

"I tried to get in the lane. The last game (against Canton), I think I had about 18 assists, and I didn't play that whole third quarter because of foul trouble, so the lane was going to be open. I read the scouting report. The big guys were so worried about the lob that I just floated in, and I kept getting layups," Smith said.

Maybe it's the time of year. After all, Smith's been known to excel in March -- remember when he led Louisville to the NCAA championship in 2013?

Regardless, Smith is putting up huge numbers with the 87ers. Hopefully, he'll get another chance to show what he can do in the NBA soon.