Portland Trail Blazers 2013 Draft Report Card

The Blazers walked out of the draft with the most dynamic prospect, C.J. McCollum of Lehigh. That made it a good night, but Portland made a killing in the second round.

They felt their weakness last season was shooting. McCollum helps that, but they acquired the first pick in the second round and nabbed Allen Crabbe from California. Limitless range and supreme confidence, that's Crabbe.

The Blazers then drafted Jeff Withey from Kansas with their next second-round pick. Withey won't score 15 points a game in the NBA, but he'll come in and block shots and defend. If J.J. Hickson walks in free agency, Withey will soften the blow.

Marko Todorovic also was taken and the only thing I can tell you is he apparently plays basketball.

To sum up, they got a top-five player in the draft at No. 10 and two first- round talents in the second round for the meager sum of a some future second- round picks.

Plus, the Portland bench was shockingly bad last season, averaging 18.5 points per game, which was six less than the next-worse second unit, the Indiana Pacers'. Basically, drafting four human males to improve that bench would make it a good night.

Grade: A