NFL Week 3 Overreations

NFL players and owners are finally unified.

President Donald Trump's criticism of players who kneel during the national anthem did more to bring players and owners together than any marriage counselor could ever accomplish.

More than 200 players sat, knelt or raised their fists in defiance during Sunday's games and many team owners joined them on the field in a show of unity after sports and politics were mixed together. They stood together, arms locked in many cases, and expressed support for players who protest social issues.

Just don't mistake unity for harmony.

Once this issue stops trending, players and owners will be back at odds again. When the collective bargaining agreement expires in 2021, things can get real ugly between players and owners.

Here are more overreactions following Week 3:

-- --

OVERREACTION: The Jaguars are for real.

REALISTIC REACTION: Or the Ravens just aren't that good.

-- --

OVERREACTION: Jared Goff is proving he was the best quarterback in the 2016 draft.

REALISTIC REACTION: Can't ignore 2016.

-- --

OVERREACTION: Odell Beckham Jr. will have more celebration penalties than the Giants will have wins.

REALISTIC REACTION: This will be a close race.

-- --

OVERREACTION: The Vikings have a quarterback controversy.

REALISTIC REACTION: Don't get caught up in Case Keenum's performance against Tampa Bay and forget what Sam Bradford did Week 1.

-- --

OVERREACTION: Rookie Jake Elliott guaranteed himself a job the rest of the season with a 61-yard game-winning field goal.

REALISTIC REACTION: He's not a lock to stay with the Eagles when Caleb Sturgis returns from injury.

-- --

OVERREACTION: The Seahawks are in trouble.

REALISTIC REACTION: They can't fall out of contention in the NFC West.

-- --

OVERREACTION: The Jets are the best team in New York.

REALISTIC REACTION: Standings don't always tell the truth. The Giants are still more talented.

-- --

OVERREACTION: Jay Cutler should've stayed retired.

REALISTIC REACTION: The offensive line is so bad coach Adam Gase called it "garbage."

-- --

OVERREACTION: The Falcons are going back to the Super Bowl.

REALISTIC REACTION: They're a couple plays away from 1-2 instead of 3-0.

-- --

OVERREACTION: Tom Brady won't let the Patriots lose another game.

REALISTIC REACTION: Even the G.O.A.T needs more help.

-- --

OVERREACTION: Smash-mouth football is back thanks to the Titans.

REALISTIC REACTION: It's a pass-first league.

-- --

OVERREACTION: The Raiders were exposed on national television by the Redskins.

REALISTIC REACTION: Oakland deserves a mulligan for a nonconference loss on the East Coast.