New York Jets, Washington Redskins players involved in huge practice brawl

New York Jets and Washington Redskins players were involved in a massive brawl during their joint practice session Sunday, which spilled into where the fans were standing.

The fight started after the Jets’ Trumaine Johnson appeared to deliver a late hit to Redskins offensive lineman Morgan Moses, according to the New York Post. Moses’ teammate Trent Williams was caught “throwing haymakers” during the brawl, according to USA Today.

The fight spilled over into where the fans were watching the practice in Richmond, Va. Multiple videos showed the brawl.


Moses, 27, was seen limping on his right leg after the fight was over. He is coming off January ankle surgery, according to Bleacher Report. The Redskins said afterward he was fine.

Jets coach Todd Bowles expressed his unhappiness over the fight after the practice was over.

“If they wanted to be boxers and wrestlers, they’d probably be in another sport,” Bowles told reporters, according to the Post. “We’re trying to get better. They’re trying to get better. Some things happened — overzealousness. I’ll talk to my guys. [Washington] Coach [Jay] Gruden will talk to his guys and we’ll have better practices because that’s just a waste of time to me.”

It’s unclear whether players will face any sort of discipline. Sunday’s practice was the first of three joint practices.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.