Mike Trout makes teammate Garrett Richards an April fool in epic prank

Everyone has two goals on April Fools' Day: Make someone else fall for a prank, and don't fall for one yourself. Mike Trout succeeded, while teammate Garrett Richards did not.

Trout arranged the setup -- with the help of the "Prank vs. Prank" crew -- that involved a woman approaching a group of Angels players at a restaurant and asking for advice on how to break up with her boyfriend. Richards was among those to share some tips.

A short time later, a man walked over to the table full of Angels players and explained that his girlfriend is a huge fan of the team and is obsessed with Richards. This man was planning to propose to his girlfriend and asked for Richards to deliver the ring to the table.

By now, you probably can guess where this is going.

Richards brought the ring to the table, recognized the woman from their earlier conversation and looked physically ill. As the hopeful suitor announces to the entire restaurant that he is about to propose, Richards tryies to apologize as he captures the magical moment on the man's camera. Meanwhile, his teammates are cracking up.

You can watch it all here: