Klay Thompson: This season will be a '100 percent' failure if we don't win Game 7

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As we all know by now, the Golden State Warriors weren't just good this past season, but historically great. Steph, Klay and Co. made the three-ball at a record pace, on their way to an NBA record 73 wins. It's a feat which very well never be matched, or surpassed.

But while the regular season was spectacular, it doesn't take away from one simple fact: That the Warriors are one loss away from failing in pursuit of their ultimate goal, an NBA Championship.

That's also why, Klay Thompson didn't hesitate Thursday night, when asked if he thought this season would be a failure if the Warriors didn't win a title.

100%. I thought that was a trick question at first. We expected to win the NBA Championship coming into the season. It's either win the whole thing or bust for us. I mean, it's no fun getting second place. So it would be a great season, but at the same time to us, the players, we're so competitive, we'd feel like we failed. So that's all right. A lot at stake, but that's when we're going to rise up and be at our best.

While the answer isn't surprising, give credit to Klay for his candor. It's hard to be so open and transparent about such a touchy subject, especially following an embarrassing loss, on what could have been a night where the Warriors very well could have celebrated a title.

Instead, it's back to Oakland for Game 7 Sunday.

In the process, Golden State will try to avoid becoming basketball's version of the 2008 New England Patriots, the historically great regular season team, which couldn't quite close things out and take home the title.