If you can't do it in a game, don't even try doing in during Gary Kubiak's practice.
That's the message the new Broncos coach had for his players when he blew practice dead, huddled his bickering players together, and restarted the entire session.
"The message today was I don't want see things selfish on the football field," Kubiak told ESPN's Jeff Legwold.
He was forced to his boiling point all afternoon, according to Legwold. One receiver removed his helmet in disgust after a dropped pass. A few others had post-whistle shoving matches. And smack talk was delivered before every drill.
Other teams can make headlines for their training camp brawls. Kubiak won't stand for it.
"When you go out to work, it's going to be good," he said. "There's going to be mistakes. That's part of football. But we can never get selfish as a team and do things that will cost us games."
So he stopped practice entirely -- a move veteran tight end Owen Daniels saw before when he played for Kubiak in Houston. This time, he told his huddled players, get it right.
The head coach thinks his message sunk in.
"Hopefully you learn those things on the practice field," said Kubiak, "and they don't bite you during a game."
(h/t ESPN)