Furious fans rip on Jets rookie Bryce Petty for love of Domino's pizza

New York is widely considered to be the pizza capital of America.

Many would argue that you'd be hard pressed to find a slice better than the ones you'll find in New York, and residents of the state won't let you forget it.

New York Jets rookie Bryce Petty learned that the hard way on Thursday. It all started when Petty tweeted his love for Domino's pizza -- specifically the fact that you can order a pie by texting a pizza emoji. Big mistake, Bryce.

And then came the heat -- serious heat. Petty was ripped on by fans for choosing the national chain over their local pizza shops.

It was so bad that Petty had to issue an apology tweet for his pizza preference, asking his followers for suggestions.

It's safe to assume Petty just isn't used to the food in New York, given his recent move from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Needless to say, Petty probably won't be ordering Domino's any time soon. And if he does, he'll do it without letting his followers know.

Rookies have a lot to learn, and the food they should eat is clearly one of those things.

(h/t Twitter)