Elevation Fight Team splits with MusclePharm facility in Colorado

The Elevation Fight Team has decided to move into new facilities away from the MusclePharm gym in Colorado.

Several top UFC fighters call the Elevation Fight Team home including former bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, Neil Magny and Matt Brown.

Head coach Eliot Marshall informed FOX Sports of the decision to move the Elevation Fight Team out of the MusclePharm facility based near Denver, Colorado.

"As a team, Elevation Fight Team has decided to move all of it's training from the MusclePharm Facility to the chain of Easton Training Centers located throughout Colorado," Marshall wrote in a message to FOX Sports. "The partnership Elevation has had with MusclePharm over the last 4 years has been awesome and is something we are all appreciate greatly. That being said, the time to move to more of a traditional setting is now.

"By moving our training to the Easton Training Centers, our fighters will now reap the benefits of having a full curriculum of classes and many different locations to choose from. The fight team will still have 1 hour a day Pro Team training that will take place at Easton's Denver location, but the fighters will have the opportunity to take classes throughout the day at the location most convenient to them. We are excited to continue building Elevation Fight Team into one of the world's best fight teams and believe the best is yet to come. Thank you everyone for your continued support."

Marshall had just recently become the head coach of the Elevation Fight Team after Leister Bowling retired from duties to focus on his family and businesses away from mixed martial arts.

Many of the fighters who worked at the MusclePharm facility were also sponsored by the supplement company and that helped facilitate the move to Colorado for many of them from other locations around the world.

Dillashaw and Brown in particular spoke about the sponsorships they received from MusclePharm that played a part in moving to Colorado to train with the team.

The team is expected to stay in tact with the move into the new facilities away from the MusclePharm gym. Fighters such as Dillashaw and Brown also work with coach Duane "Bang" Ludwig, who has his own facility in Colorado as well.