Delta prematurely crowns Warriors as '2016 NBA champions'

Just a few days after NBA commisioner Adam Silver clarified that the NBA isn't rigged, there is more evidence that higher-ups believe the Warriors are going to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

On Tuesday, ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin shared a photo from his Delta Airlines flight to San Francisco, which shows that the airline already crowned the Warriors as the "2016 NBA champions":

It's a small oversight -- the same photo has 2014-15, and not 2015-16, on the left-hand logo -- but a coincidental one, nonetheless. Remember: a similar incident happened last week, as the NBA's Facebook prematurely listed the Warriors in the NBA Finals against the Cavs, despite not yet defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The NBA obviously isn't rigged -- there is no evidence to back up the popular conspiracy -- but slip-ups like this aren't going to quiet the chatter.