Cristiano Ronaldo 'loses' to his 5-year-old son in penalty challenge

With a few days off in between Real Madrid's latest Champions League win and their upcoming La Liga bout against Getafe, Cristiano Ronaldo apparently took some time to do some coaching.

Not of a team, mind you, but of his son, Cristiano Jr. The elder Ronaldo released a video on Thursday of the two doing a bit of penalty kick practice.

A simple bet is made: Junior has three attempts to try and beat his pops, or else he has to drop and do 10 push-ups.

Cristiano Jr.'s first attempt is pretty weak, but we'll blame that on nerves. Attempt No. 2 is much more like it, but rattles off the post. The third time is a charm for Junior, as a cheeky little Panenka "fools" his dad.

There's no telling if Cristiano Jr., has designs on becoming an uber-famous soccer player, but the 5-year-old seems to have some decent quality!

And for all of his trouble, Junior still has to pony up and pay the 10-pushup premium … because dad says so. Maybe that's how CR7 stays so fit?