Chilling photo shows Conor McGregor's icy stare at Aldo and Edgar

LAS VEGAS -- They say a picture is worth a thousand words but one particular image caught at UFC 200 tells an entire saga without uttering a single syllable.

Jose Aldo faced Frankie Edgar in one of the biggest bouts on Saturday night as they battled for an interim featherweight title. In the end, Aldo came away with the decision and he went home with a title around his waist.

But just a few feet away from the Octagon where Aldo and Edgar were slugging it out stood the real featherweight champion, Conor McGregor, and he was watching their every move with an intensity that can only be described as chilling.

The picture captured by UFC staff photographer Josh Hedges shows McGregor glaring into the Octagon while Aldo and Edgar duked it out over five rounds.

It was almost like McGregor was there in the shadows as a subtle reminder to both men that he is eventually coming back to the featherweight division and he will reclaim his throne.

McGregor won the title with a shocking 13 second knockout over Aldo last December and now it appears when he returns to featherweight, that's the same exact matchup waiting there to greet him.

"(McGregor) made it very clear he'll return to featherweight to defend his belt and fight that person," UFC president Dana White said during the UFC 200 post-fight show on FS1 Saturday night.

"He'll fight Jose after his next fight against (Nate) Diaz."

McGregor faces Diaz in the main event at UFC 202 on Aug. 20 in Las Vegas before he'll turn his attention back to Aldo for their rematch later this year.