Bills' 'Dizzy Bat' fan feels no ill effects from surprise bus stop

Next time someone tells you they feel like they've been hit by a bus, well, it's not necessarily the worst thing. One Buffalo Bills fan can attest to that.

Paul Nieman, who gained coast-to-coast notoriety when he slammed headfirst into a bus while playing a drinking game prior to the Bills' season opener last Sunday, told the Buffalo News that the jarring collision only sidelined him for about 15 minutes.

"It seriously didn't hurt at all," Nieman said Friday. "We're golden."

Nieman, a former tight end at Division III Buffalo State, endured the mishap while taking part in the appropriately named "Dizzy Bat" game during a tailgating session at Ralph Wilson Stadium. He estimated he had his first beer prior to 8 a.m. before introducing himself to the bus about three hours later.

"The bus was fine," Nieman said. "Good thing that panel had some give to it because it didn't really hurt at all."

As part of the game, Nieman chugged alcohol from a Wiffle Ball bat and did eight spins before attempting to right himself and hit a pitch - an empty beer can instead of a ball. He took a mighty swing and miss before losing his balance and careening into the bus and instant fame.

Nieman said the mishap is not giving him second thoughts of giving up the "Dizzy Bat" game - "No way. Not a chance" - that is a staple among his friends at any tailgating event. However, he unwittingly may have sent a reminder to the region's youth to not try this at home.

"If it would've been an actual school bus, I probably would've been in the hospital," Nieman said.

(h/t Buffalo News)