Angels Scrap 'El Hombre' Campaign After Pujols Objects

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will stop using "El Hombre" in their marketing campaigns after all-star first baseman Albert Pujols objected to it.

Angels Vice President of Communications Tim Mead said Tuesday that billboards using Pujols and "El Hombre" would remain up in parts of Southern California until early April.

But Mead said the franchise is aware of how Pujols feels about the phrase and will respect his wishes that it not be used further.

Pujols told reporters early in training camp that he was not in favor of being referred to as "El Hombre" as he felt it undermined the respect St. Louis baseball fans have for former Cardinals great Stan Musial, whose nickname was "The Man."

Pujols became friendly with the 90 year-old Musial while he was a St. Louis Cardinal in his previous 11 seasons.

Pujols signed a $240 million, 10-year contract with the Angels in the offseason.

Based on reporting by the Associated Press.

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