Native Angeleno Adam Carolla, welcoming the NFL back to Los Angeles, is concerned not with the Rams' quarterback situation, but rather the hot dog situation.

The comedian, appearing on "The Rich Eisen Show," emphatically stated he does not want the Rams to copy that Southern California food icon known as the Dodger Dog. In fact, Carolla ripped the Dodger Dog.

"The Dodger Dog is the worst piece of meat shaped in a stick that has ever graced this man's palate," he said. "It's a horrible, horrible hot dog. ... It has no snap to it. The meat-to-bun ratio is ridiculous."

His suggestion? A Chicago-style hot dog called the Ram-Rod. If the Rams get it right, he said, people will show up at the stadium when there's no game, just to buy the hot dog.

And if the Rams don't listen?

"It's Ram-Rod or I start the beef boycott. ... I could easily turn this town against the Rams."

H/T: The Big Lead