Trump: WSJ 'not a respected paper' anymore

Donald Trump said Thursday that the Wall Street Journal isn't a respected newspaper anymore, after it published a scathing critique of Trump's economic policy Wednesday evening.

The paper objected to Trump's plan to label China a currency manipulator and impose tariffs on billions of dollars worth of Chinese imports. It also said it "wasn't obvious" that Trump knew what was in the deal, as he seemed to suggest China was a part of it.

In response, Trump unleashed a torrent of tweets Thursday morning calling the Journal "WRONG," asking for an apology, and referring to the Journal writers as "dummies" who should have called him before offering their point of view.

"I wake up this morning, I read the Wall Street Journal and TPP, I know it intimately although it is 6,000 pages, it's a really bad trade deal, but they said that I said China was included in the deal at the debate — I didn't say that," Trump added on Fox News. "I said China's going to come in through the back door. So the Wall Street Journal, without calling or anything, wrote an incorrect editorial. All they had to do was call me."

"There's so much misinformation but you would think that a paper like the Wall Street Journal would call for clarification, but they don't do that they just write," Trump added. "That's why they're not a respected paper too much anymore."