Tow truck driver refuses service to Sanders supporter

Bernie Sanders supporters in North Carolina might want to start carrying more Fix-A-Flat – in case they run into this guy.

A North Carolina tow truck driver reportedly refused service to a Sanders supporter earlier this week, driving off after he saw her Sanders stickers.

FOX Carolina reports that Kenneth Shupe was called to pick up the woman in Asheville, N.C., on Monday but told her “very politely” he couldn’t tow her after seeing her Sanders paraphernalia.

He reportedly urged her to “call the government” for help since she was “obviously a socialist,” and also complained that, "Every business dealing in recent history with a socialist minded person, I have not gotten paid."

Shupe said he supports Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and has decided he won’t do business with supporters of Democratic candidate Sanders.

The woman’s mother later took to Facebook to accuse Shupe of being a “bigot.” She said the driver even “cost himself money” by driving to Asheville and back “for nothing.”

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