American Crossroads has vowed to defeat President Obama in 2012, and today it took a big step in that direction when it launched a 5 million dollar, first round purchase ad, targeted in swing states, as part of an overall 20 million dollar campaign.

Jonathan Collegio, communications director for the third party expenditure group, told Chris Stirewalt on today's Power Play Live, "It's important and crucial for the center-right groups to start framing the issue debate now, and that's exactly what this ad does."

Collegio added, "Over the last two and half years we have seen no job growth, we've seen deficits explode and we've seen gas prices double. All of this on Obama's watch, all of this the result of his policies. And we think it's important for folks out in America to see what these policies are doing, and that's the reason for the ad campaign."

The Hill's AB Stoddard, who also joined Stirewalt today, pressed Collegio on the issue of independent voters and third party groups. You can watch the exchange below from Power Play Live and join the show live each weekday at 1130am EDT at http://live.foxnews.com.