Past Presidents, Political Leaders, Members of Congress and Candidates Make Statements on 9/11 Anniversary

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Former presidents, political leaders, members of Congress and presidential candidates reacted to the tenth anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks. Here is a look at what some had to say.

Former President Bill Clinton

"Our nation marks ten years since the terrible events of September 11, 2001 by remembering and honoring the lives of those who were killed and their loved ones, and the courage of those who tried to save them and of those who survived and had to begin again."

"Because we live in the most interdependent age in history, it is difficult to be open to the positive forces sweeping the world while closing our borders to the negative ones. So we also honor the service of those who have worked so hard for the last decade to keep America safe, free, and still open to people of every race, culture, and faith."

"Finally, we should offer special thanks to those who lost their loved ones, and responded by helping others in need. In so doing, they are winning the ultimate battle against terrorism-the triumph of love over hate."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

"Ten years ago today, smoke caused by a cruel and senseless terrorist attack billowed out of the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. Today we are reminded of the heartache and uncertainty of that morning. We mourn the mothers and the fathers, the sons and daughters of all races, religions, and nationalities who perished in New York, Virginia, andPennsylvania. We honor the bravery of the first responders who ran into raging infernos and collapsing buildings to save others, and we remember those who never came out. Each of the 2,977 innocent victims and their families are in our thoughts today.

"But they were not just victims, they were also heroes, as the passengers of United Flight 93 proved with their selfless act. They prevented a much larger tragedy and saved countless others, leaving a testament to America's ability to rise from tragedy; proof of our resiliency. September 11 and its heroes made clear that at the end of the day, we are not Democrats, or Republicans, Nevadans or New Yorkers; that no matter our national or ethnic origin, we are Americans."

Pia Carusone, Chief of Staff for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., who noted the September 11, 2001 birthday of Christina Taylor Greene who was killed in the February shooting at a Giffords event in Tucson.

"Ten years ago, our nation was shaken by an unprovoked attack that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people. It was an event that changed our lives and remains ever-present in our national consciousness."

"This nation responded, individually and collectively. Many brave men and women were inspired to join our armed forces. Some died fighting the worldwide war on terror while others continue that fight in Afghanistan and numerous other spots around the globe."

"We also responded as a nation. There is little doubt that we are safer today than we were 10 years ago, thanks to the diligence of untold thousands of dedicated men and women who work largely in anonymity to protect us from those who still hope to do us harm."

"The changes in our world since 9/11 are momentous. Just within the past year we have seen many nations in the Middle East turn away from authoritarian rule and move toward democracy. And justice has been delivered to Osama bin Laden, who failed in his vow to break our spirit."

"With a decade to look back, we reflect on the innocent people who died in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on 9/11. Our thoughts go out to their families, who have been forced to live their lives without a loved one."

"Yet out of all this, there is hope and there is renewal. On that terrible day 10 years ago, 13,238 babies were born in the United States. The thousands of 10th birthday parties that will be celebrated on Sunday remind us that life goes on, even amid trauma and tragedy."

"One of the children born on that day, Christina-Taylor Green from Tucson, was taken from us this year. Our thoughts are with her family today. We are grateful for the example of joy, hope and optimism she set for all of us."

Mitt Romney

"Ten years ago, we were visited by a human darkness so evil that it plotted and then rejoiced in the murder of innocent lives. We cherish the bright memories of the fallen, and keep our hearts open to the loved ones they left behind. As for those who seek to inflict more harm, understand this: you will never find rest on this earth so long as you threaten our peace and freedom. America will always be strong in defending liberty at home and around the world."

Rick Perry

"Ten years later, the images of the September 11th terrorist attacks still linger in our minds, and we will never forget the lives lost. Our enemies failed miserably if their goal was to demoralize America and paralyze us with fear. Instead, we rose above the ashes and found unity in the face of adversity."

Jon Huntsman

"Today we remember those who lost their lives in Pennsylvania, New York, and at the Pentagon and those in our military who have sacrificed in battlefields abroad as a result of one of America's most tragic days. And we celebrate the inspiring courage and heroism of all those who met evil in the eye like the passengers on Flight 93 and the firefighters and policemen who stormed into the burning towers. We will never forget the fallen. We will never forget how America can overcome any challenge when we unite with resolve and common purpose."

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus

"Ten years ago today, Americans watched in horror as foreign terrorists launched a brutal surprise attack on our own soil. Scared and stunned, we attempted to make sense of it all, but in the aftermath we stood together to affirm the values for which we were attacked."

"Today, we remember those tragically lost on September 11, 2001. We remember the selfless first responders who served courageously. We remember our military men and women who have died defending our freedom. And we remember that at our core, we are a country united by an unshakeable love of liberty."

"The struggle against extremism goes on, and al-Qaeda continues to plot against the United States. On this most somber of anniversaries, let us rededicate ourselves to the defense of our common values. Let us honor those that died by standing united, today and every day, in our continued determination for a brighter, more secure America."