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Middle East

Problems Arise in Middle East

The Muslim Brotherhood and killed protesters

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  1. Advice on Traveling to the Middle East

    Travel expert explains what you can expect when traveling to volatile region

  2. Middle East Mayhem

    Should U.S. be involved?

  3. Breaking Down Middle East Protests

    Unrest spreads to Iran, Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain

  4. Protests Sweeping Across Middle East

    How should U.S. handle situation?

  5. Chaos in Middle East Means High Cost for Oil

    Unrest causes dramatic rise in gas prices

  6. Hit List: How does Middle East Turmoil affect the U.S. from a security aspect?

    We will take a look at the turmoil in the Middle East from a National Security standpoint, and what the government should and can do to protect the Nation. Mike Baker and Bill Daly are here with the weekly hit list.

  7. Future of Women in the Middle East

    With revolutions in several countries, what’s their role?

  8. Egypt's Impact On The Middle East

    How does the uprising in Egypt impact the rest of the region?

  9. Are We Entering A Third Middle East War?

    National Security Analyst breaks talks Libya

  10. Protests Yield Different Outcomes in the Middle East

    Some leaders making compromises to stay in power

  11. Saudi Arabia's Position In The Middle East Unrest

    Michael Ryan of The Jamestown Foundation discusses Saudi Arabia's position given the recent unrest in the Middle East

  12. Hezbollah’s Influence in Lebanon

    Thanassis Cambanis weighs in on country’s current political dilemma

  1. How Women Are Transforming The Middle East

    The changing role of women in the middle east , especially during this time of unrest and revolution

  2. Middle East Health Threat

    Dr. Manny gets an update on how the conflicts in the Middle East are effecting the health and medical needs of civilians in the region

  3. Protests Spread in the Middle East

    Walid Phares discusses the similarities and differences between the uprisings happening around the Middle East

  4. Is the Midwest America’s Middle East ?

    Doug Schoen: Wisconsin protests parallel Middle East uprising

  5. Controversial Imam on U.S.-Sponsored Mission

    Muslim religious leader behind embattled Ground Zero mosque on tolerance trip to Middle East paid for by tax dollars

  6. Middle East on Brink of Collapse?

    Violence spirals out of control in Libya, protests continue in Iran

  7. Protests Continue Across Middle East

    How should regional governments respond to recent uprisings?

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