Disturbing video of detainee abuses in Afghanistan

A disturbing video that appears to show U.S. military personnel watch as Afghan soldiers torture and interrogate a prisoner is gathering national attention.

The video, which cannot be authenticated by Fox News, originally appeared on social media sites in Afghanistan a little over a month ago, but just today was published in an online magazine piece by Rolling Stone.

In the two minute video, three 3 Afghan men, one in military uniform, can be clearly seen holding down a prisoner, shackled at the wrists and ankles, as he is repeatedly whipped on the back. He can be heard screaming, pleading with his captors that he'll tell them whatever they want to know.

Roughly one minute into the clip the camera pans across the cell and appears to show two American soldiers standing just a few feet away. They are watching, arms folded, as the beating continues. Neither of them participated in the beating.

Officials in the Pentagon say the matter is being investigated by the Army's Criminal Investigation Command. Military officials in Afghanistan released a statement saying "ISAF takes all allegations of improper conduct by ISAF personnel very seriously and is committed to investigating them."

The Afghan defense ministry has said it will also investigate the video.

The U.S. handed control of all military prisons to the Afghan authorities in March of this year.