Conway says latest scandal further proves it's always been 'Hillary first'

Donald Trump’s campaign manager said the latest scandal involving Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton shows that throughout her entire political career it has always been “Hillary first.”

Kellyanne Conway said on “Hannity” Monday night that whether it was defending an alleged rapist in the 1970s or whether it was “hear clearing the field in New York because she felt like becoming a U.S. senator” Clinton has always put herself first and she added that Trump would put America first.

Conway accused the Clinton campaign of trying to shoot the messenger after FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to House Republicans on Friday revealing that the bureau discovered new emails that pertained to the investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

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    It was later learned that the emails had been found on a computer used by former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner who is under investigation in an underage sexting case. Investigators found the emails during their Weiner investigation.

    “Hillary Clinton does what she always does, she attacks the messenger,” Conway said. “This story exists because of Hillary Clinton and because of Anthony Weiner. Two selfish people who put their peevish, political personal interests before the safety and security of the nation and have us in this conversation and in this mess.”

    Conway added that Clinton, her allies and the media were calling the election for Clinton two weeks in advance before Comey’s letter came out. Some polls showed Clinton had a double-digit lead over Trump.

    “Last week, they’re ordering up their inaugural ball gowns and this week the Clinton campaign is in the worst communication crisis probably of the last few months,” Conway said.

    Clinton has denied on several occasions that she mishandled classified material in the emails and insisted that she made a mistake when using a private email server to conduct State Department business.

    The Clinton campaign has suggested in the past couple of days the release of Comey’s letter 10 days before Election Day is politically motivated and in fact was a breach of FBI protocol, in addition to repeatedly calling on Comey to provide more details to the American people.