Brit Hume: Trump's frustration with Sessions 'doesn't make any sense to me'

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume told Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that President Trump's frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions stemmed from the president having "a peculiar concept of what the attorney general’s job is."

"[Trump] seems to think the attorney general is some kind of goalie for him, to protect him from whatever may come his way from forces that he finds inimical to him," Hume told host Tucker Carlson. "That’s not the job of the attorney general. It isn't."

The president has repeatedly aired his frustration at Sessions for recusing himself from overseeing the FBI's investigation into Russian actions during the 2016 election campaign. Earlier Tuesday, Trump told reporters that "time will tell" whether Sessions would remain the nation's top law enforcement official.

"The circumstances that gave rise to [Sessions'] recusal hadn’t really come about at the time when the president appointed him," Hume pointed out. "So, his case against Sessions on recusal doesn’t really make any sense to me."

Hume added that "something's going to have to be done" about the situation, saying that "no attorney general or any other cabinet officer can survive for very long when he clearly does not have the confidence of the president."

The veteran analyst also warned that Sessions' potential departure could create a destabilizing domino effect for the administration.

"The question arises whether others in the administration who may be on the outs at the moment may choose not to stay," Hume said. "They may find Trump, as this episode with Sessions may illustrate to them, an impossible person to work for. That’s a very dangerous situation."