Conservatives buzzed after Elon Musk admitted that, prior to his ownership, Twitter "interfered in elections."

He pledged that under him the company, which he dubbed "Twitter 2.0," will be more effective and "transparent" than the previous iteration.

Musk provided his remarks in response to a comment on a recent Reuters article which reported former Twitter head of trust and safety Yoel Roth’s claims that Twitter is not safe under Musk. 

At the same conference, Roth — who left Twitter shortly after Musk took the reins — admitted it was a "mistake" for Twitter to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story just ahead of the 2020 presidential election.


Elon Musk and Twitter HQ

Elon Musk, along with an image of employees at tables inside Twitter headquarters in San Francisco on March 17, 2022.  (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

One Twitter account, @EvaFoxU, replied to the Reuters piece claiming that Twitter’s trust and safety was poor prior to Musk’s takeover. 

The account stated, "Twitter has shown itself to be not safe for the past 10 years and has lost users’ trust. The past team of ‘trust and safety’ is a disgrace, so it doesn’t have any right to judge what is being done now. They had a chance, but they sold their souls to a corporation."

He replied, tweeting, "Exactly. The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections."

The Tesla CEO added, "Twitter 2.0 will be far more effective, transparent and even-handed."

Musk tantalized Twitter users two days ago with a tweet stating he will reveal the inner workings behind Twitter’s speech policies prior to him acquiring the company. He wrote, "The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened …"

A large collection of Twitter users corroborated Musk’s claim of Twitter interfering in elections and expressed support for his plans for Twitter 2.0.

a screen shows the price of Twitter stock at the New York Stock Exchange

In this Sept. 18, 2019, file photo, a screen shows the price of Twitter stock at the New York Stock Exchange. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

"AMEN. It's a travesty that it has taken so long for the obvious to be plainly stated by someone affiliated with @Twitter. There is no doubt that 'trust' was at a laughably low level long before anyone thought @elonmusk would be purchasing the platform," tweeted The Heartland Institute's Justin Haskins.

Conservative influencer Catturd cheered Musk on, tweeting, "New Twitter rocks."

Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier wrote, "Elon Musk just admitted that Twitter has previously interfered in elections. We’ve known this to be true for a long time. Engagement losses, failure to verify GOP candidates, suspending conservative figures before elections, etc."


Author David Harris Jr. expressed excitement over the announcement, tweeting, "BREAKING: Elon Musk says Twitter has interfered in elections! You know he has the proof!"

"Spot on, @elonmusk. We’ve long known Big Tech companies have engaged in election interference through blatant and biased censorship. We must ensure all social media platforms remove their hands from the scale and uphold free speech for all Americans," Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., tweeted.

EpochTV's Hans Mahncke tweeted, "‘Twitter CEO confirms that company interfered in elections.’ If the media had a shred of honesty in them this headline would be at the top of every news page right now."

"Twitter ‘has interfered in elections.’ That's why the Democratic Party and the Media Party are up in arms. They were all in on it, too," RebelNews publisher Ezra Levant replied.

Radio host Gerry Callahan tweeted, "So the new, wonderfully candid owner of Twitter reveals the company interfered in our elections. Huge news. You want to know how corrupt our mainstream media are? They won't even mention it."

A photo of Elon Musk's Twitter next to the Twitter logo

Elon Musk's Twitter profile displayed on a phone screen and Twitter logo displayed on a screen are seen in this illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland, on Sept. 15, 2022. (Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)


"If Twitter had interfered in elections on behalf of Republicans this tweet by the NEW CEO of Twitter would be on every news channel. But, Twitter interfered on behalf of the Democrats so the Left and the media want you to believe that Elon is the bad guy," the conservative organization ForAmerica pointed out.