US Space Force launches mystery space plane

The U.S. Space Force launched a secretive unmanned space plane into orbit on Sunday, just days after President Trump unveiled the flag for the new U.S. military branch.

Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce used her twice-weekly program to highlight this news, which many Americans may have overlooked among the constant developments in the coronavirus pandemic.

"You may have missed this because it makes just a little bit of news and sometimes the left mocks it," said Bruce on "Get Tammy Bruce" on Tuesday. "But the fact of the matter is that we have been behind China in a number of ways... and certainly when it comes to what happens in outer space and their preparations to launch not just space war but to dominate the planet via space."

The United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carrying the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

In recognition of the efforts to fight the pandemic, as well as the virus' victim, a written dedication was attached to the Atlas V rocket and it read, "In memory of COVID-19 victims and tribute to all first responders and frontline workers. America Strong."

This was the sixth mission of the X-37B space plane, which had returned to Earth in October after completing more than two years in orbit.

The space plane is solar-powered, reusable and operated remotely. noted that most of its payloads remain classified.

During an Oval Office ceremony last week marking the unveiling of the official flag of the U.S. Space Force, Trump told reporters that the U.S. is building “incredible military equipment.”

“We have — I call it the super-duper missile,” the president said. “You’ve heard Russia has five times [faster missiles] and China’s working on five or six times, we have one 17 times, and it’s just gotten the go-ahead.”

"Now, calling it the super-duper missile weapon is classic Trump, isn't it?" said Bruce, suggesting that there is a greater purpose behind the president's seemingly off-hand remarks.

"Anything the president says, anything that we're unveiling, the things that we're doing are not just meant for American consumption, but worldwide consumption," she observed.

Bruce argued that it is important for the U.S. to prepare for the future and she contended that this reality has become more evident in the wake of the coronavirus.


"It is clear that China is in some serious trouble, not just because of the virus at home, but because of the world's reaction to that," she said.

"We don't quite know what China's capable of doing, what they're willing to do, or even Russia, for that matter. But one thing we've found... is that the world now knows that we are positioned to do what's necessary to defend the United States."

According to a new Pentagon report released last year, China and Russia are likely building high-powered lasers that can shoot down U.S. satellites.

"The dynamic and the messaging is this — that America is not going to remain behind, that we are going to be active, that these things matter, that China is on notice, so is Russia, that we are going to be playing very aggressively in this field," Bruce concluded.

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Fox News' Alex Pappas and James Rogers contributed to this report.