Today on Fox News, Aug. 28, 2019


On Fox News: 

Fox & Friends, 6 a.m. ET: Duane "Dog" Chapman, host of "Dog's Most Wanted"; Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of "Justice with Judge Jeanine."

On Fox Business:

Mornings with Maria, 6 a.m. ET: Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst; Jessica Tarlov, Fox News contributor.

Varney & Co., 9 a.m. ET:  Martha MacCallum, host of "The Story"; Brad Blakeman, former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush.

On Fox News Radio:

The Fox News Rundown podcast: "Long-Shot Democratic Candidate John Delaney On Why He Won’t Quit” - Former Maryland Congressman John Delaney is not only a long-shot candidate for president, he likely won’t even qualify for the next debate in September. However, the 2020 hopeful says he will continue to fight, not only for the nomination but also to keep the party from going too far left. He joins the podcast to explain why he’s not giving up.

Also on the Rundown: Oklahoma Judge Thad Balkman issued a landmark decision on Monday and found Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries responsible for the state's opioid crisis. The Oklahoma judge ordered the company to pay the state of Oklahoma $572 million. Trial attorney Eric Weitz discusses why this decision will have huge implications for the pharmaceutical industry. Plus, commentary by Fox News contributor Jonathan Morris.

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The Brian Kilmeade Show, 9 a.m. ET:  Special guests include: Jonathan Ward, Atlas Organization founder; A.B. Stoddard, associate editor and columnist at RealClearPolitics; Fox Business' Gerri Willis; Charles Payne, host of "Making Money with Charles Payne"; Andrew McCarthy, Fox News contributor, senior fellow at the National Review Institute and a contributing editor of National Review; Gianno Caldwell, Fox News contributor

The Todd Starnes Show, Noon ET: Todd speaks with Hogan Gidley, White House principal deputy press secretary,  as President Trump returns from the G-7 summit, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses how the left continues to attack the president and Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy discusses why he believes the Russia investigation was a plot to destroy the Trump presidency.

The Guy Benson Show, 3 p.m. ET: Special guests include: Howard Kurtz, host of "Media Buzz"; Jessica Tarlov, Fox News contributor; Jimmy Failla, comedian and head writer for Fox Business' "Kennedy."