Kat Timpf mocks left-wing outrage over Monopoly's new 'socialism' edition 

Fox Nation's Kat Timpf has a response to those who are apparently outraged by an iconic board game maker poking fun at socialism.

"Wah, wah, wah. Maybe they're making fun of socialism because it's bad," said Timpf on "Fox and Friends" Friday morning.

Hasbro, the maker of the beloved family game Monopoly, released a special edition of the game called Monopoly Socialism. The satirical twist on the decades-old game replaces Monopoly's traditional player tokens with a phonograph, a pocket watch and an old fashioned rotary phone. And instead of players collecting $200 when they pass "Go," the socialism-themed edition instructs players that will receive a $50 "living wage".

One assistant professor of History at Rutgers University-Camden is apparently not amused. Professor Nick Kapur wrote in a lengthy thread on Twitter, "I bought a copy of Hasbro's mean-spirited and woefully ill-informed "MONOPOLY: SOCIALISM" board game so you don't have to."  He took offense at the portrayal of the political ideology, "It goes without saying that this game is entirely uninterested in trying to understand what socialism actually is and how it might function."

Kat said the critics of the game are missing the point. "We've seen [socialism] kind of not work in the past, so I feel like it might be fair game to make fun of it...I also don't understand how people are getting so upset about a game."

Even Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex. added his voice to the debate, tweeting his own long thread in response to the Rutgers professor. "We could do the Venezuela edition: start out (in 1950) with the 4th highest GDP per capital (sic) in the world: end starving in the street with massive shortages of food & medicine," Cruz tweeted.

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