Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders reacted to Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Iowa saying it “was another big win for Donald Trump.

Sanders, a Fox News contributor, made the comment on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning, less than 24 hours after six Democratic candidates met for a televised debate in Des Moines, Iowa, in the last before the state’s all-important caucuses on Feb. 3.

“I can't imagine any of these candidates going up against Donald Trump,” Sanders said. “This is like the Double-A minor leagues going up [against] the World Series champion and it is no comparison.”

“What I saw last night, I feel very good about the president's reelection in November, because one, it was hard to stay awake. Two, they're fighting over whether or not who has won what election over the last 30 years — nobody cares,” she continued. “The only thing I learned from that is how long these people have been part of the problem, and not part of the solution.”


The candidates focused mostly on attacking President Trump, with a few fiery exchanges against each other.

Sanders referenced the moment when Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., sought to swiftly fact-check Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she's the only candidate of the bunch who beat an incumbent Republican over the last 30 years.

Warren made the claim after Sanders denied an explosive report that he once told Warren that a woman couldn’t win the presidency. Warren swiped at the electability of her rivals, saying the men on stage have lost 10 elections while the two women are undefeated.

Sanders reminded his colleague in the Senate that he defeated an incumbent Republican during his congressional run in 1990.

“Thirty years ago is 1990,” Sanders said, referencing the fact that he defeated incumbent Republican Rep. Peter Smith to win the seat representing the state’s at-large congressional district.

“The fact that they’ve been doing this for 30 years and are still saying the same things and haven't gotten anything done, and nothing is better because of their service, I think is a great contrast for this president," Sarah Sanders said.

"Last night was another big win for Donald Trump,” she concluded.

She went on to say that Democrats have no way of paying for their proposed plans “other than to take money out of everyone's pockets.”

“The idea of all of these plans, everything in America will now be free, yet I don't know how they're going to pay for any of these programs. Literally everything you hear out of their mouth is, ‘it's free this, it’s free that’ and there’s no plan to pay for it other than to take money out of everyone's pockets,” Sanders said.

“I mean, Bernie Sanders has now admitted that he's going to raise taxes on the middle class. I mean, it is one thing after another that I think should terrify all Americans, the things that are coming out of Democrats’ mouths.”

“They have moved so far to the left that I don't know how people can honestly listen to the policies and the ideas that these individuals are pushing and say, 'That's what we want America to look like,'” she continued.


Sanders also reacted on Wednesday to former Vice President Joe Biden’s comments defending the Iran nuclear deal on the debate stage on Tuesday, saying that it “was working.”

“It was working, it was being held tightly. There was no movement on the part of the Iranian government to get closer to a nuclear weapon," the former vice president said.

Joe Biden couldn't be more wrong on this front,” Sanders said. “The Iran deal was always destined to fail, because it was based on appeasement, something we know Iran will never respect, and never respond to. In fact, the only thing it did was embolden Iran to further oppress their people, to continue spreading terror across the Middle East and they never dismantled their nuclear program.”


Trump signed a presidential memorandum in May 2018 withdrawing the U.S. from the agreement signed by his predecessor in 2015. He said he will be re-instituting the highest level of sanctions and warned other countries against helping the Iranian government.

“The idea that the Iran deal is working is a complete farce and shows why Joe Biden does not need to be back in control of making any foreign policy decisions,” she added.

 Fox News’ Andrew O’Reilly and Kaitlyn Schallhorn contributed to this report.