Rep. Young Kim to Biden, Harris after border visit: 'Get your butts out there and see it for yourselves'

Kim visited the southern border with a bipartisan delegation last week

California Republican Rep. Young Kim urged the Biden administration to confront the mounting "security and humanitarian crisis" in an appearance on "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday after returning from a visit to the southern border with a bipartisan delegation last week.

YOUNG KIM: I have gone down to the border in Texas, the southern border. I also went down to the California-Mexico border. What I have seen is definitely the security crisis and humanitarian crisis. We have a crisis at the border, yet this Biden administration refuses to see it for what it is.


 I urge the Biden administration and also Vice President Kamala Harris to get down to the border to see for themselves, and maybe they change their mind. Drug cartels are the only ones that are benefiting from this border crisis. It is hurting Americans. It is undermining legal immigration. And it is draining the resources from the Border Patrol agents, CBP agents when they should be patrolling the borders. Right now all of the illegal activities are slipping through because our border patrol agents are now serving the role of caretakers. That is something that the Biden administration refuses to see. 


I really encourage them to get down there, get your butts out there and see it for yourselves what I'm seeing. It is breaking my heart. I see so many mothers with young children because they are getting a mixed signal that when you come across the border illegally, one way or another you will be taken care of. Wrong, wrong. We need to reinstate the policies that have worked during the previous administration and really, I really encourage them to get down there and let's fix the problem.