Lockheed Martin is forcing a ‘neo-racist’ reeducation camp on employees, subsidized by taxpayers: Chris Rufo

'Taxpayers should not subsidize woke racism at America’s largest corporation'

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday Lockheed Martin, the nation’s largest defense contractor, sent top executives on a training mission to deconstruct their "white male culture."

CHRIS RUFO: This is a long-standing training program. 8,000 Lockheed Martin executives and employees have been through race reeducation programs. This one was particularly galling. They had executives go through exercises where they said being a white male was analogous to being KKK member, to being in the Aryan Nation. They also said white men can’t jump. All of these slurs and stereotypes about their own origins. They take them through a series of exercises where they had to review 156 white male privilege statements. Apologizing for their race, apologizing for their sex and orientation. The question is this. If a three-star general, retired in the U.S. military, can’t stand up to crackpot diversity trainers, how do we stand up to communist China?

Lockheed Martin has tens of billion dollars coming from taxpayers. I want to know how many programs that explicitly denigrate white males has Lockheed Martin done? I call on the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives to launch an inquiry to answer these questions. Taxpayers should not subsidize woke racism at America’s largest corporation.