Former Reagan Justice Department official Mark Levin, host of "Life, Liberty & Levin" and author of the upcoming book "American Marxism," sat down with Sean Hannity on Friday for the entire hour of "Hannity" to delve into what he calls the Democrats' "neo-Marxist" mission to destroy America by waging a multi-front war on U.S. institutions, its cultural norms and its citizens.

Hannity called Levin's book a guide to what is going on in America right now as the radical elements of the Democratic Party have come to the forefront as of late, emboldened by full government control and more.

"I was doing research and studying the scholarship and who were behind these various movements, critical race theory, the current immigration movement, so-called climate change, the de-growth movement. Transgender movement, which is an attack on the social construct… and I said we have allowed these people to intimidate us long enough. We have allowed these people to use language, we regurgitate their language," Levin said of the "American Marxists" that have taken their cues from the ideology of the movement's namesake.

"I said enough is enough. If we are going to defeat this, we are in the abyss trying to claw our way out – we are not looking into the abyss anymore, we are in the abyss and if we are going to get out of this, we need to know exactly who we are dealing with."

Levin said those on the left are not "opponents" or rivals as often described but truly our "enemies." 

"Our institutions are under attack. Our children are now being brainwashed. This isn't the Red Scare or McCarthyism, this is American Marxism," he said.

Levin said many of today's American Marxist leaders hide behind the language they have themselves altered, pointing to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who is a self-described "democratic socialist." Levin said Sanders' lifelong politics betray his moniker and that he is a true example of a Marxist.

"But, he is clever enough to try and customize it and tailor to the American system – you chip away at it and chip away at it so the American Marxist is very clever and conniving about how they conduct themselves and develop these various movements over the course of decades and we are seeing the pinnacle is here whether it's in the classroom, whether it comes to economic system, energy and so forth, intersectionality all come together in the aggregate and that is what we are confronting today."

Levin said the same is true for the far-left "Squad" of Democratic lawmakers from districts in Boston, the Bronx, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Detroit.

"This is a cabal of American-hating Marxists, that's exactly what they are. They defend Hamas, they trash Israel, trash the United States, want to eliminate law enforcement, eliminate the border. That's not a Squad. That's poison, a cancer, that's what these people are," he said.

Levin also hit the Democrats' latest endeavor in education policy, critical race theory. 

Noting that the theory, promulgated by left-wing professors and academics and most recently seemingly endorsed by a major public school teachers' union, relies on the Marxist tenet of "oppressor/vs/oppressed," Levin said that CRT therefore in itself includes a "fundamental aspect" of Marxism – and that President Joe Biden himself is encouraging such divisive and dangerous thought.

"Where do they get proletariat versus bourgeoisie? Joe Biden goes on to slam the rich versus the poor. Where does he get that from? It doesn't come out of thin air."

He said Democrats have "adjusted" historically understood Marxist tenets and constructs to present-day society, and that critical race theory is itself essentially "Louis Farrakhan dressed up in scholarship."

"Farrakhan hates Whites, hates America, [is an] anti-Semite, separatist, nationalist: That's pretty much what critical race theory is but even worse because it's objective is the Marxist objective, which is what? To overthrow and overturn the American society."

Therefore, Levin continued, the Democrats continue to attack American history and seek to undermine our founding ideals and Founding Fathers – adding that their quest to destroy and topple all of the historical monuments is rooted in the Marxist belief that history begins anew at day zero.

"When you look at Joe Biden and the executive orders he signs, they are the most radical cultural attacks on our system in American history. He attacks the nature of gender and sex and undermines women's sports, they attack over 60% of the people in this country who are White, they are as divisive and racialist as one can possibly imagine," Levin said.

He added that the Marxist left also has found a convenient way to ignore or ostracize individuals who hold views counter to what their particular group – racial, gender or otherwise – should hold.

He gave the example of an AfricancAmerican with conservative or centrist values who does not want to "overthrow" the existing society, but still agrees with some of the left's critiques.


Because the person in question is not in lockstep, they are "ignored" and considered "colonized by the White dominance."

"[They] are dismissed," he said. "[Marxists] don't believe in free speech. They don't believe in engagement. They don't believe in discussion."