Kevin McCarthy: Democrats ignored truth about COVID origins putting politics before American lives

GOP leader asks why Biden's first action was to put money back into the World Health Organization

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told "Fox New Primetime" Republicans are launching a probe to find out why American tax dollars were indirectly funneled to fund Wuhan Institute of Virology research.

MCCARTHY: We will never fully recover if we do not rebuild and get the answers from this [COVID origins]. Democrats, you’ve got movie stars, you’ve got the NBA, big tech and the mainstream media. They all trust China. Republicans know the truth. These Democrats were so desperate to disagree with Donald Trump they ignored the truth. Let me give you a little personal experience. I spent 8 months communicating with the Democrat leadership to create a China task force bipartisan, equal number of part Republicans, equal number of Democrats. They finally agreed. We locked it down. We even had The Washington Post come in for the interview. We were about to announce it and they pulled back. Do you know why? They felt that may give a benefit to Donald Trump because of what was happening with COVID. Now it all seems to come to fruition. Why were they so afraid? They put politics before the lives of American citizens. We have to know the truth to this. We have to know why it started. And why was the first action of President Biden to put money back into the World Health Organization with no penalties whatsoever? After they lied and were controlled by China, and he put it in his budget that he just give Congress.