Kennedy knocks Dems over spending push, says Pelosi may want 'stimulus package for the murder hornet'

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Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., responded Tuesday to calls from Democrats -- specifically New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- for more federal funding to help states deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

"I think what Governor Cuomo forgets is how much money we've given the states already. My state has received about $2.5 billion already," Kennedy told "Hannity." "I don't know how many billions New York has received. That may not be as much as the governor wants, but it's not chopped liver either."


Kennedy said Congress should not pass any more stimulus legislation until it sees how the economy responds to the ongoing reopening process in several states.

"Our position on the Republican side of the Senate is, 'Look, we've spent $3 trillion. A lot of that did go to state and local governments. Let's step back and see how it works,'" Kennedy said. "Once the economy starts to open up again, let's see whether revenues go up. There needs to be a shared sacrifice. States and cities are going to have to pare their budget just like people have."

Kennedy also took Pelosi to task for the amount of spending she's said she'd like to secure.


"Now, Speaker Pelosi, she wants to spend at least a trillion dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if she's working on a stimulus package for the murder hornet," Kennedy said. "She has no concept of deficits. This is not Louisiana ditchwater spending. This is taxpayer money. And we're going to have to pay it back.

"And all we're saying is let's go slowly and see what works and what doesn't work."