Idaho Lt Gov slams critical race theory push: 'A religion of secularism and guilt'

Janice McGeachin tells 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' that she is 'not backing down' from fight against indoctrination in schools

Idaho Lt. Governor and gubernatorial hopeful Janice McGeachin slammed the Idaho education system for their "indoctrination" of critical race theory on students during Wednesday's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," claiming the push "is threatening the very fabric of our conservative American values."

MCGEACHIN: Big donors at BSU (Boise State University} are coming to me and telling me this is a problem. And so as a duly elected official, I don't sit around and wait for action. I take action. That's why I formed this task force committee and we're set. You would think that a red state like Idaho would be safe from this but this is a theory and indoctrination of our young people that is threatening the very fabric of our conservative American values …

]T]he way the left operates is they use these nebulous terms so that we don't really understand what is it that they're talking about? Is this American imperialism? Is this critical theory, social justice agenda, critical race theory? Critical race theory is a religion of secularism and guilt, which is an attempt to undermine and supplant our American values with fear and suspicion. So whatever they want to attempt to label it as and we're going to get to the bottom of that, make sure that our laws are shored up to protect it, make sure that this doesn't happen in Idaho. We're going to do whatever we need to do and be proactive here in the state of Idaho to protect our kids and to protect all of us as Americans.