Greg Gutfeld gave his assessment of the Senate impeachment trial on "The Five" Thursday, saying the proceedings have served at a tool to harm President Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

"This is basically so far a three-day campaign ad against Trump. And it would be -- this would be a great time for the news to actually do... the fact-checking," Gutfeld said. "The reason why people say Adam Schiff sucks and Adam Schiff did a great job is because Adam Schiff is presenting opinions. And so people can disagree with the opinion, say he's bad and people who agree with his opinion say he's dazzling. So we know it's all opinion."


Gutfeld criticized the media for judging Schiff, D-Calif., on his performance rather than the substance of what he is presenting.

"The problem is, we have all these fact-checkers, amazing journalists and they're just [so] overloaded with Adam Schiff that they can't fact check what he's doing," Gutfeld said. "So instead, what do they do? They discuss his performance, not the content, but the performance."

"The Greg Gutfeld Show" host made his case that the proceedings were not about removing the president from office.

"They know he's... not going to be impeached [convicted]," Gutfeld said. "It's about wounding. This thing is actually effective because it's wounding him so that it will be a bother. It will be a burden for him come [the] election."


Co-host Juan Williams disagreed with Gutfeld and said Republicans were making the case against Trump for Schiff.

"I think that fact-checkers are locked in. And what we're seeing is that the biggest fact-checkers are at the White House and they're in front of the microphones," Williams said. "They're not saying, 'Hey, Schiff is factually wrong. They're saying we don't like the process.'"