Economist Glenn Loury tackles the issue, impact of race on 'Tucker Carlson Today'

Loury tells Tucker Carlson Americans cannot assume what the 'right side of history' is

Economist and academic Glenn Loury boldly challenged the prevailing idea that White Americans are widely racist on Fox Nation’s "Tucker Carlson Today."

In a new episode entitled ‘Live Well Lived,’ Loury takes a deep dive into the wide dispute of race in today's America and argued that incessant rhetoric against the White majority is harmful to the country.

"How many times can you tell them that they are intrinsically racist, that their lives are built upon an unearned privilege?" he asked. "How many times can you [Black Americans] accuse them of failing to see your humanity when in fact you're living in the freest country and you are the richest people of African descent ever to have walked on the planet?"


"That's not the world you want to live in," Loury asserted.

Loury referenced the tragic murder of George Floyd — how, in reaction to his death, those on the Left claim they’re on the "right side of history, helping to fuel the Black Lives Matter movement. He maintained, though, that Americans cannot discern what is right from wrong in the present day.


"We don't know what the right side of history is for most of these things," he said. "That's the question. That's why we're there to figure out what the right side of history is — not to stand on the right side of history."

"In Paris in 1789, they thought they knew what the right side of history was. In Moscow in 1917, they thought they knew what the right side of history was… We've lived long enough these last couple of hundred years to know that's pretty hard to know what the right side of history is."

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