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Dream Sequence Editions isn’t your average photo collective. The 20 photographers involved are doing more than just sharing their artwork, they are raising money to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

“Art is the artists' resource and I think in times like this you have to look around and see what resources you have and how you can use them to help out,” Tim Barber, the curator of Dream Sequence Editions, told Fox News.

The collective started raising funds March 23 and has been able to donate over $50,000 in just five weeks. Barber said he always wanted to figure out a way to sell prints like this and it all came together as the lockdown in New York began. The print edition platform is currently working with nine different charities and are adding new prints to their list every week.

“We're getting suggestions from the artists we're working with on different places they're interested in helping or supporting,” Barber said.

The process is simple. Every Monday, Barber posts new photographs to the website and when a print is purchased, at least 50 percent of the proceeds go to coronavirus relief efforts. The other half of the sales are split between the contributing artists and production costs. Each photo is limited to 100 prints so once they sell out, they are out.

Barber said people who have been purchasing the prints have been sharing the new photos on social media, which has helped them get the word out about their relief efforts. He added that he plans on keeping the collective going indefinitely. 

“As long as we can keep making sales and keep raising money,” Barber said of continuing the collective. “There's probably going to be a never-ending need for help out there in the world as this thing progresses.”