Democratic Del Rio, Texas mayor blasts White House, AOC as border crisis triggers school lockdown

Bruno Lozano praised Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's stance on border security and illegal immigration

The Democratic mayor of a Texas border town sounded off Monday, as illegal aliens continue to flood across the Rio Grande from Mexico, overwhelming Border Patrol and local authorities, as President Biden seeks a reversal of Donald Trump's policies in that arena.

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano, just across the border from Acuña, Mexico, told "Your World" that most recently, a school near the border was forced into lockdown after more than a dozen illegal immigrants attempted to breach the property via a fence.

"We had illegals attempting to traverse the perimeter fence at one of the local schools at the southern side of the city," said Lozano. 

"The school had to go on lockdown to make sure the students were safe. They heard helicopters overhead. We saw state troopers and sheriffs and police responding to that incident."

That event, and the ongoing crisis that has plagued the city with high-speed police chases, according to the mayor, is another reason he is calling out his own party's handling of the situation.

"I asked Congress, I asked the politicians that are out there advocating for different nations right now stating the calm and the care that we need to provide them – What about my elementary school students? Can you imagine the trauma that they're experiencing being on lockdown for illegal immigrants coming in and trying to get into their fenceline? That's ridiculous."


Lozano specifically named Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York as a Democrat who appears to put America behind other nations in terms of her priorities.

"Reading one of the tweets from AOC… particularly that she posted the other day. It's quite a contrast to Senator [Ted] Cruz's tweet. He's calling out the crisis that we're having. We have the southern border crisis, the gas crisis, we have unemployment and COVID -- The list goes on and on," Lozano continued.

"Yet here we are showcasing our priorities outside of the American people: That is very unfortunate."