Anonymous ‘A Warning’ author gives tiny clue to identity, challenges Trump supporters

The controversial anti-Trump book "A Warning" -- written by an anonymous administration official -- hit bookstores on Tuesday and offers a possible clue to the identity of the mysterious author before the book even starts, while challenging Trump supporters to finish the tell-all.

“To my children, and the forthcoming generation, whose responsibility it will be to ensure freedom’s torch remains lit and – as many Americans have before them – undertake that it be passed to the next,” the book’s dedication page says, possibly revealing that the author has kids.


The author then declares that less than halfway through Trump’s term “top advisers and Cabinet-level officials contemplated what might be called a midnight self-massacre, resigning en masse to call attention to Trump’s misconduct and erratic leadership,” but the plan was scrapped.

“The idea was abandoned out of fear that it would make a bad situation worse. It got worse anyway,” the anonymous author wrote.

The author penned an infamous 2018 New York Times op-ed that he or she was "part of the resistance" to undermine Trump and is now elaborating because of the belief it contains information “essential for the public to consider as they decide whether to keep Donald Trump in office beyond 2020.”

The author wrote that “many reasonable people voted for Trump” because they felt the alternative was worse, love America and wanted to shake up the establishment.


“I know you because I’ve felt the same way,” the author added. “I’ve worked with you. Many of you are my friends. But I also know deep inside you feel that something is not right about this presidency. That Donald Trump’s behavior is not tolerable, and is often embarrassing.”

The author then writes that Trump supporters “make excuses” for the president’s behavior, such as noting the media is against him and he has an outspoken style that is different-yet-effective.

“I shared those sentiments, but this book is, in part, an effort to demonstrate why excuses have blinded us to some ugly but necessary truths,” the author wrote. “I challenge you to withhold your reservations and read this to the end.”

Fox News’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.