Woman who rescheduled wedding over coronavirus says sister threw fit because she had to change birthday plans

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A bride-to-be took to Reddit’s forums to share her story about how her sister reacted to the wedding getting rescheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apparently, the sister wasn’t happy about the new wedding date’s proximity to her birthday.

As is the case with many couples planning on getting married this year, the coronavirus pandemic has made things very complicated. The couple originally booked a dream venue a year in advance and set the date for June 13, 2020. Unfortunately, the area has remained under a shelter-in-place order and the couple didn’t know if it will lift in time.

A bride and groom forced to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus lockdowns were called out by the bride's sister for not taking her birthday into consideration.

A bride and groom forced to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus lockdowns were called out by the bride's sister for not taking her birthday into consideration. (iStock, File)

As the bride-to-be explained on Reddit, the couple called the venue hoping to reschedule for a later date. Due to the circumstances, the only date available to them at this point is August 22 -- the day before the bride’s sister’s birthday.

Her 31st birthday.

The bride-to-be said the couple decided to postpone the wedding for August 22 and hope for the best. After messaging their friends and family members about the situation, however, it seemed not everyone was happy with the switch.

“My sister texted me privately and said, ‘Really? The day before my birthday?” And I replied that it was one of the only dates left this year. There was silence from her for a few hours, and then she texted me this: ‘I just want to let you know I am quite irritated right now. I get it it’s your wedding, your special day, and you wanted people to be able to make it, but the day before my birthday,’” the bride-to-be wrote.


According to the post, the sister continued, “I feel like it’s a little inconsiderate that you didn’t think maybe I already had something going on. I have plans for that weekend and paid for hotels and stuff. It also kinda hurts that now my birthday will be overshadowed by your wedding. Yes, I know this virus thing has ruined lots of things this year and I am sorry you are having to move things around, but wish you would have thought about how this would make me feel.”

The sister continued to say she would do her best to rearrange her travel plans from June to August. Her messages concluded, “I am not in any way purposely trying to make you mad, but I wanted to say this. I know you would feel that same way had I done this to you.”


The post continued, “I think she talked to our mom, because she called shortly after this, and tearfully said she was sorry for what she texted, but she’s just so hurt and would rather see me get married at the courthouse and have a reception next year.”

After explaining that the sister still planned on visiting in June (the original date of the wedding), the post concluded, “We weren’t trying to upset anyone, we just want to get married this year. If my sister isn’t able to make it, that’s fine. We’re not expecting everyone to be able to come now, we just wanted to try and push it off and give people the opportunity to come.”


Commenters on Reddit seemed to take the bride-to-be’s side, with one commenting, “Her 31st birthday?! Cry me a river. It's not her 21st or another big memorial b-day like the ‘big 3-0,’ your sister is upset the light can’t be on her in my opinion.”