Stop And Frisk: Activist Frank Lopez On The Latino Impact

For years, authorities in New York City have been using a controversial procedure known as “stop and frisk” that allows officers to question and pat down people on the street, most often in heavily Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Supporters of the program point to lower crime rates as evidence of its success, but people who are fighting against it tell a different story. They rejoiced this past week when a federal judge ruled that stop and frisk is unconstitutional as currently practiced by police in the Big Apple.

To give us more insight into the psychological impact this has on Latinos, plus what to do and what not to do if you’re stopped and questioned by an officer, is Frank Antonio Lopez, a Dominican American documentary filmmaker and an activist for fair policing with the organization The Brotherhood/Sister Sol in Harlem. Click on the video to hear about his personal story with stop and frisk and what he thinks about the impact it has on Latinos.

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