Soccer Fan With Down Syndrome Shares Field With Corinthians, Wears A Camera

Fans of soccer call the sport the most beautiful game in the world.

Brazilian giants Corinthians made it especially beautiful for 26-year-old Caio Tadeu Batista who was signed by the team to mark World Down Syndrome Day on Friday, March 21.

Batista is a member of Brazil’s national futsal team for athletes with Down syndrome.

According to the Corinthians’ website, Batista started off his day meeting with his new teammates before collecting his gear to take part in training both on the pitch and in the gym.

After finishing the training session that Friday with a penalty kick, Batista was presented with a custom team jersey — but that was only the beginning.

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Two days later, donning his full kit, Batista lined up with the 2012 Club World Cup winners for their match against Atletico Sorocaba. He joined the starting XI for the pre-match handshakes and showed off some of his skills in warm-up.

Batista took the ceremonial kickoff. As he exited the pitch to a round of applause, he clapped for the crowd and took a few bows.

Over the course of the two days, the soccer player used a GoPro camera to document his entire experience from his unique perspective. This allows people to see everything he did and the joy he and his teammates felt from his point of view.

BTW, Corinthians went on to win 3-0 with a hat trick from Romarinho.

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