Portrait Of Pope Francis Appears In Italian Field

Travelers flying over the Italian countryside are in for a holy sight.

Italian land-artist Dario Gambarin has created a giant portrait of Pope Francis on the surface of a field in northern Italy.

The work, named "Love Liberates," is a huge portrait of the Argentinean pontiff that Gambarin drew freehand with his tractor.

Gambarin “painted” his latest creation plowing a 328 foot image of Pope Francis' face into a field near the city of Verona. The drawing took over six hours and can only be viewed by flying over the countryside in Castagnaro.

Since Gambarin specializes in "land-art," his work cannot be found in any gallery. Instead, his strikingly huge pictures and portraits adorn several fields throughout the region.

According to The Telegraph, Gambarin has developed a technique to create perfectly-dimensioned giant images with just an innate sense of proportion and his ability to drive a tractor.

The British paper reports too that the artist deletes his works after a few days, so that the field can be cultivated as usual.

Gambarin has previously created field art depicting President Obama, Nelson Mandela and Mickey Mouse.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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