No Thanks! L.A. Skyscraper to Feature Outdoor Slide From 70th to 69th Floor

This coming June, tourists to the great city of Los Angeles will have the chance to suffer a heart attack like no other they've ever experienced before!

As part of a $50-million renovation project, the new owners of the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown L.A. are planning to suspend an exposed glass slide from the outside of the building — and 1,000 feet off the ground (see artist's rendering above). The Skyslide, as it's called, will connect the 70th floor to the 69th, and offer visitors the chance to slide between the two for the low price of $8 (not including the cost of a new pair of pants).

The tower's latest renovations will also include a new rooftop complex called OUE Skyspace L.A., which will feature a restaurant on the 71st floor, a bar on the 70th, and an outdoor observation deck on the 69th.

And, lest we forget, a terrifying slide connecting the bar with the viewing deck:

Skyspace L.A. is currently expected to open on June 25th to thrill-seekers everywhere, though hopefully not to anybody with pre-existing heart conditions. (The rest of us can click here to sign up for pre-sale tickets.)