Mexico Added Over 730,000 Jobs in 2010

Mexico added just over 730,000 jobs to its economy in 2010, said the country’s labor minister, Javier Lozano, during a press conference on Tuesday.

According to AP, that was more than 5 percent higher than those created in 2009. In fact, Lozano added, “the last time there were so many jobs created [was 1996].”

Finance minister Ernesto Cordero noted that the numbers pointed to a domestic recovery from the recession of the last couple years. "Most of the jobs were in small and medium-sized companies, very few of which are exporters," he said.

The number of actual jobs might even be bigger than those cited: These only include jobs registered with the government, which usually make up about half the true total.

Lozano said that Mexico needs to create 800,000 new jobs a year in order to keep up with the population growth.

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"We are forecasting that it will take place in 2012," Lozano said. "If we achieve a labor reform, it may well be reached in 2011."

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