Man Uses Flash Mob To Propose To Girlfriend

Asking the love of your life for her hand in marriage is nerve wracking enough.

Now try and coordinate a few dance moves for you and a few of your friends, and you have a real nail biter.

The whole idea for the flash mob proposal started after James Ake heard his girlfriend of a little more than a year say how cool it would be if a flash mob happened to her.

On Sunday, she found out her boyfriend actually listens.

Ake was minutes away from proposing.

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But he didn't just get on one knee, he staged a flash mob.

"I'm pretty confident she's going to say yes, but the whole production of everything has me a little nervous," said Ake.

It started with Ake's girlfriend, Ana Gutierrez, walking with her friend when a stranger bumped into them.

There were cartwheels and dozens of people in unison and then one-by-one Gutierrez started getting roses.

Ake showed up to give the last rose, a glass rose.

"I'm going to say, 'This rose complete your bouquet like you complete my life' and then it's a glass rose and, 'like this rose our love is never going to die'," said Ake.

The big moment on one knee left Gutierrez saying yes.

"I couldn't believe he did all this for me," said Gutierrez.

"It went better than I planned. It went perfect. It went just how I'd hoped it would," said Ake.

Ake and Gutierrez met in an Arizona State University science class. They were lab partners.

They said it was chemistry from the start.

"He's the love of my life, he's everything. He's my soul mate, I know it," said Gutierrez.

Getting it all done was no easy feat. Ake planned the flash mob for three months.

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